The boys school started a Facebook page a few months ago, and I wasn’t keen on the idea at all. I do understand that it’s great marketing for the school, and they really probably need it to get new kids in the school.

But to me, it was an issue of privacy. I know I post photos of the boys at their school on my blog, but the badge is never visible and they’re always in black and white so that it’s harder to figure out which school they go to. I control what photos of their schooling is shared. I was happy with that.

Then the Facebook page came along, and I wasn’t happy that the school was willy nilly publishing images without me having a say.

I know, you’re probably wondering whether I’ve gone mad…  I work in social media and I’m a photographer after all, and photos on Facebook etc is how I market. But my clients trust that I’m only going to publish the good ones. Also, they sign a contract saying that I can publish online. And there’s nothing like that at the school, as far as I know… they post quite a lot of blurred photos and a lot showing all the kids faces.

Every time I see Connor or Bradley’s photo, I smile. I don’t like the photos though. I tend to like other photos that don’t have my kids in them. I do tend to look at the albums properly though, and I read all the stories.

But, the boys have now discovered the Facebook page… after I mentioned a photo that I’d seen, and showed them on my phone.

They LOVE it. They’ve spent ages in the last few days checking out all the albums and chatting about their friends and telling me stories about what’s happened.

And all of a sudden, my mind is changing.

I get it now.

I love seeing what my kids actually do during the day… from the little in-class projects to planting trees and finding worms. I can’t be there at all their sporting events, I work. Parents don’t have access to see all the little things the kids do, and they don’t talk about it. The photos are awesome conversation starters at home.

It’s a thousand times better to see the photos on Facebook, than it is to find them on that awful, awful, awful “school communicator” system D6 (speaking of which, can’t some clever developer create a better system for schools to use). Because, I actually never ended up seeing them there! LOL!

Does your kids’ school have a Facebook page? What do you think about it?