Two years ago I blogged about how awful the idea of onesies was… and now it’s time to eat my words. Not only is that blog post one of my most popular blog post ever on this blog, but this year the boys have wanted me to buy them some!

So I went hunting for some, and eventually got them 2 each from Mr Price. I bought them online, because Mr Price stores have to be the most dis-organised stores in the world, and I’ve never seen the onesies in stock… yet they were available online.

I looked at Woolies too, but the kids ones were made from fabric too thick for sleeping… and the mens versions, although very nice, are far too expensive at R599! Older boys clothes are also as scarce as hens teeth at Woolies, so there were none in stock anywhere, including online!

If you’re wondering, Connor is age 8, and wears 11-12 size clothes generally; and Bradley at age 12 is wearing small mens… which is why I have to shop in mens and boys sections for them.

Also a tip for buying them… they’re more comfy a size larger than you normally buy.

This is what I looked at:

1. Woolworths men’s hooded cotton onesie

2. Woolworths small boys camo hooded onesie

3. Woolworths older boys onesie

4. Mr Price older boys onesie

5. Mr Price Monster onesie

6. Mr Price men’s onesie

Only Mr Price and Woolies are featured here, because I can’t find any others online 😉 and that’s how I shop!

The boys absolutely LOVE them and Connor complains about changing into day clothes 😉