We got invited to the opening of BounceInc. It’s the first trampoline park in Africa, and is in the Waterfall Lifestyle Centre off Woodmead Drive.

The kids have been looking forward to it for weeks, and were thrilled to get invited to an event like this!

Although it was freezing cold outside last night, the boys were really happy that I’d told them to wear short sleeved t-shirts, because bouncing on trampolines for hours on end is very hot work.

BounceInc is amazing! There’s a free bouncing area with over 60 interconnected trampolines, 2 dodgeball areas, a slamdunk section, a section where you bounce on a trampoline and into a giant cushion, and also a more advanced section where guys were jumping against walls and using foam boards.

Let me just say, that while the post is mostly about my kids, this is not just a kids place… there were lots of adults jumping too. I can imagine how packed it’s going to be during the week in the evenings with adults! It would be so much fun with friends πŸ™‚ (and they do corporate events too)

The kids listening to the dodgeball rules. The sections were well-manned with staff helping kids and making sure that rules were obeyed.

You can see the cool socks that everyone gets as part of the entry fee in this shot… they were great because you didn’t slip and slide on the trampolines with them.

Only one person is allowed on a trampoline at a time, and the boys had a ball when there were lanes free so they could race against each other.

Yes, that’s me! πŸ™‚ I bounced too… it’s so much fun. I was a lot more careful than the boys were.

It was such an amazing evening, and we cannot wait to go back.

Connor is insisting on having his party there next year! They do have party packages available, and there are a few party rooms.

If you’re wondering about ages, they only allow kids over the age of 3. The littlies under 1.1m get to jump in a seperate section, which is a very good idea!

And if you’re still wondering whether it’s fun or not, check out their video:

TIP: Book online before you go!