Max is my parent’s new puppy… he’s the cutest little 10 week old Jack Russell.

He’s adorable, with the sharpest teeth! I just love his one blonde eye lashed eye, and the black eye lashes on the other eye.


On Sunday, we had a big family braai, and Max was the centre of attention… my sister’s dog Hardy came to play with him too. Part of the idea was to completely exhaust him so that he would sleep all night, instead of waking up wanting to go outside. LOL! It didn’t quite work… he still woke up during the night. My poor parents!

If you’re wondering, all the photos were taken with my 100mm f2.8 macro lens… not the best idea for a fast moving puppy 🙂 but oh man I love the portraits I get with the lens.

In the process, I got some great photos for our family calendar that I put together every year 🙂