It’s my birthday in a few week times, so it’s a good time to share what I’ve been eyeing out.

And to make Lance’s shopping easier, each item is hyperlinked to a site where you can buy it for me!

A new flask – I always enjoy coffee after a race, and at some races there aren’t coffee sellers on site, so this would be very handy. I was very jealous at Sunday’s Soweto race when other runners had their flasks with coffee after the race!

Running belt – I love my pink Nike running belt, but if it rains at the Knysna race, my phone will get damaged so I need an elasticated belt which will give my phone more protection.

Brushed Gold swirl earrings – I need some more drop earrings, and these are gorgeous!

Teardrop earrings – I never have enough earrings! And I do love the ANoblespace range 🙂

Portable wireless speaker – to replace my old clock-radio docking station. I reckon bluetooth is the way to go to get music in the house again!

Le Creuset 31cm or bigger classic oval Casserole  – I have the small one, and it’s really not big enough when we have guests.

Kelly Moore Two Sues bag in grey  – I’m in desperate need of a new camera bag, mine is looking a bit shabby now, and these are my favourite bags. In fact this is the same bag that I’ve been using for the last 2 years!

Lensbaby Composer with Sweet 35 optic – I still haven’t got myself one of these! It would be an awesome play lens.

and if you’re still stuck… red wine and dark chocolate… which help reduce high cholesterol so it’ll be all good, and I’ll be able to safely drink again in July!