On the second day in Sedgefield, we all took a drive to the forests surrounding Knysna. Because it was the first time the boys had been in the area, I wanted them to experience a forest walk during the trip. We managed to find a spot that the Green family hadn’t been to yet, so off we headed.

We headed to the Millwood mine. The idea was to walk in the forest, and find the Dalene Matthee Big Tree where her memorial is. The kids had no reference to it, but all us adults remembered reading her books as set works at school. Fiela se Kind just made the forest come alive for me, so I wanted to experience the walks and the trees again.

When we got there however, I’d somehow expected the tree to be bigger! LOL! It’s a little creepy taking photos of the kids at the tree to get the size, because you cannot do it without getting the memorial in the way… but hey we did it.

Then we drove through the forest to Millwood Mine. We stopped first at the tea room for some really strong coffee. This house is a self catering cottage, and interestingly was moved back from Knysna and reassembled for the mine town museum.

It was raining softly by this stage and so very cold!

The graveyard we walked through was pretty eerie. The few gravestones that remained had stories next to them telling us the life histories of the people buried there. It was very interesting reading about their lives, and how they lived and died.

Then we walked through that little gate behind the grave and into the forest. The kids absolutely LOVED exploring down there. And I had a ball with my camera 🙂

Sir grumpiness was hungry by then, so he went to find the others who were taking cover in the tea room… while I walked with Jonathan (and he carried Rachel) to what we thought would be a mining village…

Turns out there were just a few road signs and a big sign that announced that this was the mine village site! LOL! At least we had a brisk uphill 2km walk 😉 and saw some beautiful views over the forested valleys!

We definitely chose the wrong pathway though, because Nick took a wander down the mine path, and got to the old mine shafts!




PS. Someone needs to seriously work on the Knysna website, it’s sorely lacking in information, and we ended up navigating using an old map that we found! It’s the 21st century and it’s clear that Knysna has not got there yet!