After the trip to the forest, we were all famished, so the Green suggested we head for Pili Pili Beach Bar in Sedgefield.

What an amazing place! It’s right at the beach in Sedgefield, and is a proper beachy place. There’s sea sand on the floor, and has got so much character. And to top it all off, they are well known for their pizzas which are made in pizza ovens outside. It was far too cold and rainy to sit outside, so we sat inside… and while we waited for food the kids played on the beach.

We stayed inside where it was lovely and warm. Belinda told us how she’d kept the kids occupied in the forest tea room while we went walking earlier… and you know, Bradley was telling me all about it tonight. He’s found a new hero in Belinda, he’s been raving about how much she knows and the places she’s lived… and he told us tonight that he wants to go to Dubai next 😉 LOL!


I’m sure there’s a matching photo on Instagram somewhere 😉

Of course, I had to have fresh oysters! It was the Knysna oyster festival after all.

Miserable and cold and completely beautiful! So different from the sunset photos I’d taken a few nights before in the same spot!

Sand castles had to be built of course… and in fact, the kids came back here every day to put their sand turtle back together again.




And then it was DUNE JUMPING time!