In the last few months I’ve seen an increase in people complaining about brands and products and services on Facebook. All expecting to get resolution… yet most are not doing it right, so the company in question isn’t even seeing the complaint!

Just seeing complaints going nowhere grates me immensely! The person complaining is frustrated… the company in question is none the wiser… and the community manager is probably more frustrated than the client by the time they hear about it!! So in the interests of all parties concerned… here are some pointers for you to use… or not to use…

In fact, the same goes for compliments! Don’t expect to get a thank you from a company if you don’t actually let them know you’re happy! And believe me, companies love getting good feedback too… it’s great for morale etc.

Depending on where you complain on Facebook, you need to check the settings to make sure that the company can see it and respond:

1. If you’re completely fed-up, and you know you’re right… then post on your own profile, but make sure that the company or product page is linked properly… choose the proper Facebook account too, not random fake ones that exist on Facebook. It should look like this:

2. Make sure that your privacy settings on the post are set to “public”. If you set it to friends only, don’t be surprised when no-one gets back to you. In fact, stop bitching. You can always change the settings on a post too… just press the privacy settings button and change it… and yes you can change that on mobile too. Also make sure that you’ve allowed people following you to comment so that they can actually answer!


3. Go to the company’s Facebook page and post a private message if you don’t want the world to see. This is a good idea if you need to give them contact details for any reason. DO NOT publish private information in a public space… especially account or ID numbers

4. Post a public post on a company’s Facebook page. If you do it this way, you probably won’t get the support of your friends though, because they’re unlikely to see it. If you want support, it’s best to do it on your own profile.

5. Make sure you’re right before you make it public or else you’ll be taken apart.

Feel free to share this with your buddies who are bitching in the dark. And if you see a friend doing this, either tell a friend at the company or tag them in a comment so that they can see it!

So please, I’m imploring you… complain properly or don’t bitch at all!