The day after the race, we took the boys (incl Ewan) to walk through another forest, and to explore the Knysna Heads.

This time we were on a mission to find the “Big Tree”. The King Edwards VII tree, as it is known, is close to the Diepwalle Forest Station. The impressive Yellowwood tree is approx 700 years old and is 40m tall. We took the long windy road to get there, and it was so cool to drive on the dirt roads that we’d run on the day before! It was also really cool to show the kids where we’d started and where the taxi’s had dropped us off.

There a short walk in the forest close to the tree, so we decided to do that too. A lot of the trees were labelled so it was really cool to take a slow walk… although the kids thought it was a race. I loved the vegetation, and really wish I’d had a macro lens with me! There are longer hikes close by, but it was raining by then, and so very very cold! 

See that muddy forest floor? That’s the terrain we’d run on during the race!


After our short forest walk, we drove to the Heads to see the view. Oh I do love this place! The kids were famished after this, and we needed to find a spot to eat, so we didn’t get to the bottom beach… we’ll have to do that on our next trip to Knysna