On our way to the airport in George, the boys and I decided to stop at one last place… Herolds Bay.

It’s on the George airport road, so it really wasn’t far from where we were going anyway, and I wanted to see what that little spot looked like.

This beach is a whole load bigger than Victoria Bay. The rocks and rock pools and tidal pools would keep the kids busy for hours! The town surrounding the beach is also much bigger, but still has oodles of character! We drove along the little road right to the very end, and walked around on the rocks, and enjoyed the sea for a while… before it was time to head off again.


Gee whizz I’d love to do a few family and couple shoots at Victoria Bay and Herolds Bay, such amazing little beaches with perfect buildings as backdrops too!

And that, my dear blog readers, is the end of our Knysna trip…