I spotted this new place on an online wander a few weeks ago, so when a colleague suggested we go to the Exclusive Books sale today… I suggested adding a lunch and coffee at Milk Bar to our plans.

The Exclusive Books sale idea flew straight out the window when we drove past the masses queuing down the road to get in! It was going to be a 2 hour wait to get in, and a half hour wait at the tills… I’m not that desperate for books đŸ˜‰

So, we headed for Milk Bar instead.

It’s on the ground floor of Katy’s Palace Bar in Kramerville… and is at the entrance to the antique and decor shop. While I waited for Kelly and Marco, I wandered through the shop… OMW I could have spent a fortune there, and in fact, I think I’m going to go back there to pick up a few decor items for my house. I was also most impressed with the artwork they had for sale… loads of black and white photos on simple canvases. And it just really made me realise that I need to get my act into gear and sort out my own photos and frame them! Lance has been telling me for years to open an online art photo store… I should just do it.

Anyhoo, onto the purpose of this post! To rave about Milk Bar! It’s not just a coffee shop actually… it turns into a bar when the sun goes down.

Isn’t the decor awesome?! Loved the old-school mismatched chairs and the thousands of pot plants in amongst the decor. This little alcove close to where we sat was my favourite little space.


The menu is simple, yet absolutely perfect for lunch or a snack. I really didn’t feel like a sarmie and it was too cold for a salad. So I ordered a flat bread with aubergine, buffalo mozzarella and pomegranate… I LOVED it! The pomegranate was perfect, although I thought it may be odd… it needed that pop of freshness to lift the taste of the dish. I also liked how the flat bread was cut into pieces to make it easy to eat and share.

If you’re wondering about the drink in the image… I ordered a Doubleshot craft iced tea. If I find it on a menu again, I’m definitely getting it! Loved the subtle lemony flavour.

It’s not a very big place, and it was pretty full this afternoon, which is great to see. A lot of people seemed to come in for a takeaway sandwich and coffee too… this place is ideal for the area which is sorely lacking in good coffee spots!

On that note, the coffee was great too!

Marco ordered their hotdog… which he enjoyed… that was interesting actually, I wish I’d take a photo of it. It was a bockwurst in a pretzel roll! Kelly wasn’t too enamoured by her sandwich, although we did tell her that there’s only so much you can do to make a cheese and tomato sandwich amazing.


It’s definitely worth going to, and I’ll be going back!