We spent an entire day at Redberry Farm outside George. What an incredible place!

It’s a strawberry farm close to the airport, and not only can you pick strawberries, but they have the biggest maze made out of a hedge, as well as train rides for the kids, and horse rides, and boat rides too! We hadn’t actually planned on spending so much time there, but we were all having so much fun… and good food and cappuccinos that we left just before they closed.

The first thing we did was the maze, because we figured it would take time. Well it did, we spent over an hour in it. We split up into teams, and we all got through it, and we ALL found all the stations.


There was a viewpoint in the middle of the maze… it’s such a beautiful area!

The kids headed for the zorb balls after we had lunch…

Then we decided that we should really pick strawberries considering that’s what we came for! It’s so reasonable… R15 for a small container, and then you get to pick your own. Because it was still out of season, we could only fill up the small containers, but it was big enough for us.

And yes, it was raining again while we picked for strawberries… but that didn’t deter us

They were so very yummy… and Connor ate all of them while we had coffee! Bradley was kind enough to share some with me after dinner 😉

As for the food… well the Red Shed is MOST awesome! If you get there one day, you have to try the hot cake in a jar with cream and strawberries… we all had one in the end. It was so very yummy!


In fact, we enjoyed our day so much, that I took the kids back there on the day we flew back to Joburg for a while so that I didn’t have to sit in the airport. It’s only 5 minutes down the road, so it was ideal.