It was my sister Elaine’s birthday last week, so we all went to Delta Park today for a picnic to celebrate.

It was a gloriously chilled sunny day filled with family, friends, good food, and champagne…

We took the boys bikes with us, which was a brilliant idea… and they spent the afternoon riding, and playing soccer, climbing trees and herding puppies.

Max and baby Lily had a ball playing with each other


As is the norm with our family gatherings around birthdays, there was a bit of drama. This time however, not people related but dog related! I don’t have the photos to tell the story though, LOL, at the time my camera was in my bag.

A lady walked close to us with 3 dogs, who jumped into the dam to chase ducks. One of her dogs though, didn’t look comfortable swimming, and eventually started tiring and panicked. We asked the lady whether she needed help, and she insisted her dogs were fine… although by then the poor dog was really not fine and his head was barely out of the water! Bryan’s cousin stripped and swam across the dam… and at the same time, and lady on the other bank jumped into the water too. They both got the dog back safely to the shore… while the owner slowly walked around the dam.

Seriously, if it were my dog, I wouldn’t have been walking… I’d be a little more concerned about whether he was ok! She came over to us a little while later with her dog on lead, and thanked Graham, and said that her dog can actually swim… I do get it, with 3 dogs, it’s virtually impossible to keep the one dog out the water if the other 2 are swimming. I was just a little surprised by how blase she was about her dog drowning!

The boys had a ball riding around the dams though 🙂 no dramas there apart from Connor riding over a root and falling off his bike… no harm though 🙂

Of course I made Elaine and Bryan walk across the dam wall 🙂 I’d been eyeing out this scene all afternoon!

It was too much hard work for the littlest member of the family though… she liked her naps in her crate

Beagle puppies are just too gorgeous for words!

It was a beautiful day 🙂

There’s nothing better than Sundays spent with family and friends… and good cheese and breads and olive tapenade and strawberries and champagne and Woolies Chuckles to finish it all off!