There’s always a debate about watermarking photos when you publish them online. There’s a case for and against publishing with a watermark. My watermark has changed over the years as I’ve toyed with what to do about it, and at the moment I’m quite happy with my small website URLs being my watermarks.

While we were on holiday and chatting about sunsets (I think), Bradley told me about something that had happened in class a few weeks before, and it’s made me LOVE using watermarks even more!

In their ICT class, they were told to find photos of what they thought were the most beautiful places in the world. They emailed the images to the teacher, who projected them and they had to discuss what the images were about and why they were most beautiful.

When one of the girls got up to talk about the photo she’d chosen, Bradley noticed my watermark on it. He had a big smile on his face while he told me… he was so proud of the fact that I’d taken the photo, and that she’s found it!

She apparently lives close to Northcliff hill, and thinks it’s a beautiful place. I took this image in July 2010 on a detour on my way home from work… and I’ve had a lot of people ask me about this image over the years… if you google Northcliff Hill it’s one of the first images that appears in the results.


Apparently the class was very impressed that his mom was a photographer and had taken this image 🙂

At the end of the class, they all voted which place they thought was the best. My photo didn’t make the cut, but it doesn’t really matter…

I don’t think I’ll ever stop watermarking my photos. Even if it’s so that my kids will recognise my work when it gets taken off my website 😉

I do however, wish the teacher had used the opportunity to teach them about copyright, but anyhoo, that’s another issue entirely!

If you’re wondering how I watermark my images now… I’ve added it into my export presets in Lightroom, and I have a few different social media export presets that export to different sizes with my watermark on them.