Laura’s blog post today about making her family lasagne got me thinking… her son Jack didn’t like the lasagne that she made, although everyone else loved it.

It’s such a mission trying to work out what meals to cook, and it’s definitely more tricky when you have fussy eaters in the family! I know I’m not alone with this fight, and to be fair it’s understandable that everyone has their own tastes.

However, for the love of everything, give me a break!

The boys drive me a little batty! Especially when it comes to making school lunches… and I absolutely HATE packing lunches, especially when I know they’ll either be thrown away (B) or the lunchbox will come back in pristine condition (C).

My initial thought doing this blog post was to discuss what they don’t eat at all… mostly actually around pastas because Connor will not eat any type of pasta dish UNLESS it’s lasagne, spaghetti with mince, or two-minute noodles. That’s it. And there’s no debating this, and I end up getting him a ready meal when I cook another type of pasta.

My main problem is school lunches though… because these are the rules that I have to comply with:

Bradley doesn’t eat:

  • Peanut butter
  • Jams or honeys of any sort
  • Salami
  • Leftover meat unless it’s slow roasted beef
  • Any kind of wrap because he says it gets soggy.
  • Rolls because they squash in his bag now
  • Fruit of any sort.
  • Biscuits with cheese because the cheese goes funny and the biscuits soggy… and he’s too lazy to put them together if I pack them seperately
  • He’ll eat salad items but not lettuce or baby corn
  • Juice… he’d rather drink water from the water fountain

Connor doesn’t eat:

  • Peanut butter
  • Honey or jams (he’ll eat syrup or Nutella only)
  • Ham
  • Leftover meat unless it’s slow roasted beef
  • He’ll eat salad items but not lettuce or sugar snap peas
  • Fruit that’s hard work to get out of a peel or skin… it needs to be easy to eat at school

So, guaranteed I give up during the week, and they get tuck money, or a cheese sandwich and some raw veggies.

As a result, I’m not a lunchbok Pinterest fan 😉 there’s absolute NO point at all getting all fancy

Also, I just want to say, after looking at Pinterest for 5 minutes, that people have FAR too much time on their hands… seriously? I do not have the time or energy to do this every day!