I’m sitting here in absolute agony and cursing Roaccutane…

This ITB issue of mine is just not going away. After the Knysna half marathon, I took a break, and then thought I was a hero when I could run without pain. Last weekend, I did a 15km run with my RWFL group, and it was ok… I felt my leg at 12km but I could manage and it wasn’t really sore. On that note though, I don’t think I’ve ever been as cold as I was on this run… when I took this photo on Christiaan de Wet Road the wind was whipping through me. I was still cold when we finished running!


Then on Tuesday I ran 6km, faster than normal, and it felt great. I felt like a hero and was so pleased because it’s been a week without Roaccutane and I thought my problems were over.

Well, my body today told me in no uncertain terms that it’s really unhappy with me.

I was supposed to run 15kms this morning with RWFL. It started off well, at a good pace for a LSD (the point of LSD is slow distance). Then as we got to 5km, I felt it… but this was not just a little pain, I could feel that if I carried on running, that within a km I wouldn’t be able to walk, let alone run.

So, I bid farewell to the running crew and walked home ๐Ÿ™ Thankfully I was only about 2km from home.


Today’s RWFL LSD crew trying to smile and look happy while we’re standing around freezing ๐Ÿ™‚ (photo credit: Rene from RWFL Randpark)

I’m sitting here with a transact patch on my knee, wincing whenever I try and stand, and the Cataflam I took is not even making a dent… not a clue how I’m going to do my photoshoot this afternoon! Guess I’m phoning my physio tomorrow again…

You may be wondering why I’m cursing Roaccutane… well after my post about using the stuff, I got a lot of comments on Facebook telling that the joint pain side effectร‚ย and possible connection to my ITB issues wasn’t just in my head. Other mom’s commented saying that they knew kids that struggled with knees and hips while on the stuff.

My GP basically said the same thing this week, when I saw her… and she’s told me to start using Osteo-eze to help my cartilage recover…

I’m so over this! I just want to run! I want to start trying to go faster! This is not making me happy at all.

Bugger it, and I’ve signed up for so many races in the next few months because I started feeling better.