Spotted one lonely tree with spring flowers today.


Looks like peach blossoms to me, but I may be wrong…

I was on a location hunt this afternoon to find a place to do a photoshoot, and one of the places I tried was the Little Falls Resort.

I haven’t been there since I was a child. I remember the place as a magical place with a river running through it. We went there with the after school centre (I think), and we had picnics there during school holidays. We’d spend the day running amok, and most of the day was always spent clambering around the river banks.

I remember foofie sliding on a wire that spanned the river. And jumping on rocks across the water.

Those were amazing days, that I’ve told my boys about.

They didn’t want to come with me today, so I went on my own, and maybe they would have seen more magic than I did going there. My word it was run down! I must admit, I didn’t drive through all of it though… on suggestion of the gate guard I drove away from the buses and crowds to the other side of the river.

But, what I did experience was the bridge that I remember going over as a child. It’s a rickety cement bridge, and I remember going over it in summer when the river was in flood… OMW that was scary as a child crammed into a combi with my friends. The river was filthy, so full of litter. There’s no way my kids could play there now, like we did.

I understand the pools were shut down because of safety issues… but by the looks of the buildings, I think it was more than just a safety thing.

It’s so sad actually. This place is right next door to a private school… it’s a pity it hasn’t been fixed up and used as a proper community venue. It could be so amazing… we really do need more outdoor spaces like this in Joburg.

That whole area could be an amazing photo location… if it was a little fixed up.