The kids are buzzing about Stikeez at the moment… it’s driving me slightly nuts.

I had to go shopping at Pick n Pay this weekend, just so that I could get Stikeez, and there have been disagreements over how to split them at home! Their friends came over this weekend with their collections, and they all compared which ones they have.

Then as soon as Connor saw me this afternoon, he was telling me which ones he’d traded at school, and which ones he now had in his collection. Then he told me which ones he has are hot property and the other kids want to get from him! My mom said that all the kids were talking about them when she picked them up today.

Bradley was telling about collector bags and albums you can buy for your Stikeez… that they’ll have to get with pocket money, there’s no way I’m spending money on this fad 😉

LOL! Harmless fun, but what a lot of chatter about tiny sticky animals and monster looking things. They are very cute! I’m waiting for the doubles so that I can get a few 😉

The Stikeez craze has definitely taken off… well done Pick n Pay 😉 I’m sure a lot of moms, other than me, are spending way more in their stores than usual!


Have your kids got them too? Is this also a “thing” at their schools?