I’ve had fights with my hair over the last number of years (mostly because of hair loss and the grey that’s creeping in quickly), and this year (probably partly due to Roaccutane), my hair is changing and I’m struggling with it… my hair is getting thicker again (I had hair loss problems a few years ago and then again just after I started Roaccutane). Also my hair is getting wavy again, like it was when I was younger.

My hair stylist, Kendra (who is crazy awesome), has been cutting it with a longer fringe over the last few months to update my style, but I can’t style it… no matter what I do it looks frumpy because of the weird curls.

It’s probably not something I should be complaining about, and Connor has made me very aware of it.

I haven’t really said anything aloud about my hair in front of the kids, but last week the other evening I was telling my mom that I was going to chop it all off again and get a ultra short pixie cut.

Connor was listening, and quietly said, as he reached up to touch my hair “But mom, I like your hair like this”

And then again last night, before he went to sleep, he reached up to play with my fringe which is now pretty long, and told me again how he likes my curls.

Sweet boy and so very wise 🙂 those 2 statements by him have made me realise:

1. I feel all warm and fuzzy inside because he still sees me as really beautiful.

2. He can’t remember me having long-ish hair!

3. It also brought home the whole notion that my body image and the way I talk about myself is so important for the boys…

I’ve made an appointment at the hair salon on Friday, now I’m wondering what I’m going to do! I’m definitely covering that crappy grey that I can see in the photos my mom took this evening in her garden!! LOL! Wish I could pull off the dyed grey look actually, but I do think I’ll look really old then.


Also, I’m so glad we made the effort to take these photos 🙂 I haven’t got many photos with me and the boys.