This week, amongst everything else that has happened, has included a trip to the vet and chasing a dog with a bottle of eye drops.

The drama started on Saturday when Lance took Kimo for a run, and as he does often, Kimo went ploughing through bushes on the way. After that his eye started weeping and got pretty swollen. Now he’s done this before, but his eye has calmed down within a day… but this time by Monday he was coming to me and whining, asking me to fix his eye. I tried wiping it, but it made little difference.

So on Tuesday morning, I took Kimo to the vet. Now, Kimo is a ninny at the vet. He howled. He howled all the way there, and for the entire 45 minute wait in the waiting area… and then the entire time the vet helped him. And while he was howling he was trying to escape.

The verdict: he’s scratched the cornea in his right eye, and needs eye drops twice a day.

Have you ever tried to give eye drops to a dog? Well, it’s a thousand times more tricky than with a child.

It took 2 vets to give him his drops that day, and they wished me luck. LOL!

The first day I felt like a hero. Kimo was awesome! He was calm, and let me put in 2 drops without needing any help.

Well, he’s now let me know who’s in charge!

This morning, he was running around the couch with Bradley in hot pursuit, until we cornered him and managed to get one drop in. And this evening took the cake. We forgot we’d left the door open so he escaped outside. Then ran rings around us… he knew he needed them so he kept coming back to me and then dashing off again. Took us a while before we cornered him inside again, and managed to get one drop in.

And now he’s doing his usual sulking trick… staring mindlessly as his bowl of supper with his favourite treat… he refuses to touch it.

Wish us luck for tomorrow.

PS. His eye is looking a lot better… a few days ago he could barely open it!