All of a sudden, my son is big.

He’s been sporting more and more facial hair… well… mostly a moustache, in the last few months. We kept asking him whether he wanted to shave, but he always said no.

We didn’t want to push it, because we really weren’t ready for this new phase. He’s still my baby boy damnit! I wasn’t expecting to go through this until he got to high school.


However, I’ve been a bit worried about the potential teasing that goes hand-in-hand with tweenhood. Then a friend mentioned over the weekend, that his classmates have been saying something about it… and I knew it was probably time.

But the next question was… what method to go with?! Do we do the traditional razor that comes with shaving cream, or a small electric razor? A friend suggested that we take him to a barber to have a really amazing experience… great idea but I kinda thought he wouldn’t like that attention.

So, we decided to buy a small electric shaver on Monday. He wasn’t too pleased… because he somehow had it in his head that it was going to hurt. Lance showed him how to use it, and how painless it was… and then we left it up to him to do when he was ready.

Well, yesterday morning he went to school clean shaven!! One of his best friends took a while to work out what was different, and then finally twigged. When one of the girls in his class overheard their conversation, she apparently whipped around in her chair and shouted “Dude!!”… so the entire class knew.

He’s dealt with this amazingly well, considering he’s the first boy in his grade to shave.

My big boy.