This ITB recovery has been a really slow process, but good news, my knees are finally feeling ok!

I promised an update after the leg assessment I had done at SBR Sport a few weeks ago, so here it is…

Tonight I ran 8km without pain! This is BIG news!

Last week I ran a route at RWFL that has a downhill that I’ve been struggling with for months. I ran it without pain for the first time in about 5 months. There wasn’t even a twinge in my left knee at all!

It’s been about 5 weeks since I had the assessment done, and for 3 weeks after that, I went to Mike at SBR Sport for a weekly sports massage. I took just over a week off running completely, and did the exercises I got from him and from my physio for that week. And I started using the new shoes that Mike suggested.

I’ve been running short distances really slowly since then (and still doing the exercises), and then last week I started building the distance up again.

I haven’t had ITB pain for the last 3 or 4 weeks. In fact, the last time I saw Mike, he worked on my calf muscles because now they’re tightening.

My theory is my recovery is a combination of all the changes I’ve made: the new shoes, massage, exercises, shorter stride (which is the most difficult thing in the world to do), not pushing my speed, and extra supplements (I’m taking extra Omega 3 for the anti-inflammatory properties and Osteo-eze to negate the effects of Roaccutane on my cartilage)

On Sunday I have a race. I’m doing the Gerald Fox race. I had signed up for the 21km, but I’m doing the 10 instead. I’m not fit enough for the 21 yet, and I’ll hurt myself if I try.

Then I need to start building distance in ernest. I’m running the Soweto 21km. And there really isn’t all that much time to get back to that distance. The next few weeks after this 10km run will involve serious LSDs (long slow distance runs) to get me back up to speed.

I cannot believe how quickly I’ve lost my fitness! My lungs were dying on the hills tonight… but my legs were strong.

It’ll take time, but I’ll get there.

Oh and clever me… I’ve booked a sports massage for Monday… I think I’ll do that after every big race now, I’m not going to hurt myself like that again!


And my pick of running photos from the last while:

  1. That awful hill on one of our RWFL routes that always caused me pain, and I can finally run down it without feeling a twinge
  2. Ready to run the Totalsports Ladies 10km race (I walked most of that one but had a ball with friends)
  3. Bradley and I before we ran the 5km Clearwater fun run
  4. Running over the Mandela bridge during the Totalsports Ladies race.