Bradley was so excited about going on the school camp today, that he was up and dressed by 6am! That’s unheard of in this household. He usually drags himself out of bed after I’ve whined and moaned a lot.

This morning, he was not only dressed and ready with the birds, but he started moaning and whining at Connor to get ready because he wanted to get to school.

Although, packing yesterday was like herding cats. He’s old enough to do it himself really. So, I set him to work to get his clothes ready with strict instructions not to pile them in a heap… because I knew that was bound to happen. I had to call him to his room 3 times after that to find more things… he thought that 2 pairs of socks would be perfectly fine for 5 days. He also wasn’t too impressed when I told him he needed a tracksuit top in case it got cold, because he said “it wasn’t on the list”. Oh it was fun! And it took hours!

I think it’s cool that the kids go on these camps. I didn’t really enjoy some of them, especially when I got to high school. But the primary school tours I went on were cool. Connor is uber jealous that he’s not old enough yet to go.

I really hope he has fun. Last year he came back completely exhausted and a little down because he’d been in a group that had camped outside for a night and it rained and the tent leaked so they didn’t sleep.

Connor is already missing him, and was pretty happy to be able to sleep in Bradley’s big double bed tonight (shhh Brad’s not allowed to know)… but I know that’ll wear off soon.

I asked him if he was sure about sleeping all the way down at the end of the passage far away from us… his reply… “Mom, you know I still love you” while his hand touched my face.

Cheeky sod 🙂

It’s going to be really quiet tomorrow morning without the chatter and bantering that generally happens.