When the kids were tiny I was gung-ho about how I thought the birds and the bees chat would go, and that it would be easy, and I would just give them the facts etc etc.

Turns out, it hasn’t been as easy. Half the issue has been trying to work out what to say when, and what a good time would be. Guaranteed the questions pop up when I’m least expecting them, and I always feel unprepared!

When I got the email from Durex with details about their campaign, I was in two minds. Yes, I’m interested, but I did read in the copy that the CONNECT-ED Buddy program is a high school education program… and again realised that OMG my boys are ALMOST there!!

I know the sex chats with the kids have to keep happening. Their questions are changing as they’re growing up, and rightly so. And our answers have to be appropriate… and I want them to carry on asking and not rely on the school etc for information… because then I know it’ll go pear-shaped.

So, I reckon this is a good initiative.

What worries you the most when it comes to your child’s sexual education? What would your top questions be in regards to:

  •  Talking to your children about sex;
  •  Questions you are scared to ask your children when it comes to sex;
  •  The details of their sexual activities; and
  •  Communicating your concerns around sex, etc.

Send me your thoughts and questions via the comments section below. Durex will have CONNECT-ED Buddy (sexual health counsellor available online and provides anonymity and confidentiality) answer all your questions. CONNECT-ED Buddy is part of Durex’s CONNECT-ED programme, a high school CSI (Corporate Social Investment) initiative, run in association with the Gauteng Department of Education, and aims to provide young people of high school age with the knowledge required to enable behaviour change specific to healthy sexual activity.

Your questions, and advice from CONNECT-ED Buddy could be published in a campaign. So, it doesn’t matter if you think your child is too young or that your questions are quite specific to your situation, we just want to able to get expert answers and advice to all your questions and concerns on this important matter. The aim here is to empower not only you but your children with the relevant information for now and the future.

You have until the 6th of September to send me your thoughts and questions.

Durex have given me a ‘Birds and the bees toolkit’ worth R 1000 to give away as well as a few sexy goodies for the parents. The winner will be drawn randomly on 7 September 2015.

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