Bradley and I had some awesome one-on-one time today over an ice cold coke after an interview with a high school headmaster.

He started chatting about things that happened today. And really chatting. One thing he said is worth sharing, because I remember blogging about this topic when he was in Grade 0 or 1, and at the time it was really hard to see him feel this way.

The Grade 6’s are paired up with a Grade 0 to escort them around entrepreneurs day at the school. They have to help them get what they want, and help with counting money and change, and generally just being like a big brother/sister to them.

Bradley said he felt quite bad for the little one that he’d been paired up with. The kid arrived holding hands with another child… as they do when they’re travelling around the school.

He said to the kid that he was sorry that he had to split him with his friend.

The little kid looked at him and said that it’s ok, he didn’t really have any friends.

Bradley told him that he’d be his friend, so he needn’t worry.

You know what this kid said? He told Bradley “But after today I’ll never see you again”

Poor kid!

Anyway, we discussed this for a while. I told him that it’s a horrible feeling. And I remember him feeling like that at some stage, and it made me very sad at the time.

You know what his answer was?

“Well, then I didn’t really think it through properly”

He then said, that if he’d thought about it, he played with groups of kids all the time, he was never really alone. He thought that he probably felt that way because no-one had explicitly said that they were his friend. And he said that actually, he had loads of friends.

Maybe something I said to him at the time, consciously entered that clever brain of his. With age comes a little wisdom.

Chats like I had today, don’t happen often enough, I need to make more time to get one-on-one time with each boy.