You know there’s a theory that babies act up when you’re tense. They sense your tension and your mood, and then start acting up? Well, it’s not just babies.

The boys have been insane this week. I’m convinced it’s partly because they’re not sure how to handle me and my tension. They’ve been ugly to each other. Everything has been a fight. Even a simple soccer or cricket game in the garden ended up with Connor in tears.

It hasn’t helped that I’ve been really busy and trying to finish editing, and doing photo sessions this weekend. So yesterday, when Connor mentioned that his buddy Callum had invited him for a hangout, I sent his mom a Whatsapp to confirm… and arranged it for today. Oh but that caused a few grumpy grunts from B, so we arranged that his friend come over this afternoon.

And it was bliss!

I managed to finish editing a shoot, while the boys had a ball with their friends… seperately!

It was the best idea ever! This evening has been fantastic again. They’re talking. They’re even playing games together, and managed a soccer game in the garden without a fight! They’re friends again.

They needed the time apart.

Man, this growing up thing is hard!