The kids have been on school holiday for the last week, and Bradley’s social life has been hectic! Poor Connor has stayed at home, while his brother has been jolling with buddies.

The reason I say playdates are over… well I was informed this week, that I can no longer call friends days playdates… they’re now to be called “Hang-outs”

I’m clearly no longer in the realm of little kids, I’m now squarely in the midst of pre-teens and teens.

So today, I was pleased when Connor’s friend came over for a “hangout”… while Bradley went to another hangout with his friends. The younger boys played and swam and had a ball on Xbox.

Am I the last mom to know this is what friend get-togethers are to be called now? Some times I wonder whether I’ve stopped paying attention to changing terms LOL!

PS. I need to tell you about this awesome hangout that Bradley went to this week. He was invited to spend the day with his friend and 4 other boys at the friends house. The clever mom organised a water slide, and they spent the day outside on that, and playing table tennis and swimming… with boerie rolls for lunch! I thought it was fabulous… and not more expensive than taking the kids to the movies! A much better idea than spending the days indoors πŸ™‚