Over the last year or so, the massages I’ve had have been needed to keep me running. They’ve been done by physios and kinesiologists. And they’ve been been good, and what I’ve needed at the time.

Spending time at day spas has been something that hasn’t been on my radar recently. I’ve been too busy. It hasn’t been a priority.

I spent this afternoon at a day spa with colleagues and it was amazing.

Because the therapist couldn’t work out how to get the gell-ish off my toes during my pedicure, I ended up having a massage on my own, instead of paired up with someone. And I spent the time, between dozing off, thinking. Not thinking about what I needed to do, but instead pondering over the lack of relaxing days in my life.

I miss spa days with my friends. Madeleine and I booked a few half-day spa visits a few years ago, and I loved doing that! It’s been far too long since we’ve done that. Not that we spoke all that much, but to spend the time with a friend doing something that relaxing is something quite special.

To be fair, a half day spa visit is more than enough for me. I’ve tried a full-day spa story before, and I ended up grumpy and edgy with a migraine. It was too much, and the waiting around drove me insane.

The full-body hot stone massage at Mangwanani at Montecasino today was amazing. Highly, highly recommended.

It was just what I needed.

I need to organise more me-days next year.