This heat wave is getting to me… slowly.

Slowly, because I’m lucky that I’m in an air conditioned office during the day, so I’m really missing the brunt of it (unlike my poor kids… poor Bradley has to study and write exams in this crazy heat). In fact, it’s so icy cold in our building that today my toes went numb… even though it was 37 deg outside! Although, not sure I should be complaining, if I work at home in heat like this, it’s even more uncomfortable and my Drobo starts sounds like it’s going to take off trying to cope with the temperatures.

When I drove through Randburg this evening before 5pm, it was still 37 deg there, thankfully by the time I got to running it was 34.

So of course we ran. The iced water in my water bottle was lukewarm by the time I’d got 2km! Man, it’s crazy! At 2.5km I turned back, the heat was far too much to cope with on the road tonight.

There are some rumours that there is rain expected on Friday, but I’m not holding my breath. I wish it were so though. My garden is parched!

On that note, I’m so distraught about my garden dying with the water restrictions in place. Not that watering was really making much of a dent anyway, my grass looks like it’s mid winter… it’s yellow and brown. There’s nothing quite like rain to get the garden going… watering from a hosepipe stops plants from dying but they really can’t thrive. My poor hydrangea above doesn’t look happy does it? You probably think I’m being ridiculous, don’t you? My garden isn’t small, and it’s cost me a bomb to buy plants for it over the last 8 years… to have it all die is going to make me cry… a lot.

I hope you’ve all seen the water restrictions… no watering with hoses between 6am and 6pm.

I saw a tweet this morning about the drought, that resonated with my thoughts over the last few days. It went something like, he remembered the water rations when he was a child, and he was sure there wasn’t the panic that exists now.

I was thinking about the same thing this week!

I remember the water rations in the early 80’s. We couldn’t water gardens at all, and I’m sure I remember my mom having to use buckets and watering cans to water her plants… hose pipes weren’t allowed at all at some stage. For some reason I remember that there was a restriction on how many litres could be used per person a day. Maybe I was too young, but I can’t remember how dry it was. I think my mom needs to do a post about it 😉

Not sure how many of my blog readers are old enough to remember that, let me know!

When you read headlines like this, it gets quite worrying… see that KZN stat? A friend on Facebook said that in Greytown they only have water from 4am to 8am daily… that’s damn scary!

I think we need to pray for rain!