I know it’s late, but as per blogging tradition, it needs to get done 🙂

Most of these are truly pie-in-the-sky wishes, because there’s no way I’m getting them under the tree, but there’s nothing wrong with dreaming right?

  1. Short Running tights. You may think I have enough, but really, my shorts I’m using are desperate for replacement, and I’m struggling to find some that’ll work. I like running tights that are not too short, because I tend to get chafed… TMI I know :). So… I can’t wear hotpants
    I think these will work though… they’re long enough down my legs to prevent the chafing.
  2. Sunglasses
    Boring I know, but mine broke! I think the kids sat on them in the car too many times.
  3. Leather shopper: I just love this one from Poetry… ooh or this one from Country Road! I just love brown leather bags that are pretty big… big enough for a jersey in winter! And mine is pretty buggered now.
  4. You cannot go wrong buying me anything from Le Creuset… I do like these fruit bowls this year 🙂
  5. A coffee capsule machine. I think I’m finally succumbing to their temptation, although the environmental impact of the pods are a worry, so I think I’d find the bio degradable ones!
  6. A mega running watch with built in heart rate monitor… and all the smart watch capabilities too!
    I just love this Garmin Fenix 3! Oh this is too beautiful. It was a toss up between this and the Apple Watch, but this one is much more practical.
  7. And other than that perfume always does the trick 🙂 or pretty drop earrings cannot possibly go amiss!