… and all that we could see, was the other side of the mountain. LOL! Hope you now have that little song in your head too!

I took the kids and their friends to Walter Sisulu gardens in Ruimsig yesterday morning, to climb to the top of the waterfall, and follow the trails to the very tops of the hills.

I last took the boys there over a year ago, and Connor made it to the waterfall, but didn’t get to the top of the next climb… it was just too much in the heat. This time, he was awesome… possibly because his friends were with him :) I was also clever this time, and in addition to copious amounts of water, we also carried wine gums and small crisp packets for everyone to munch on to get their energy levels up.

I loved it. The protea trees were in flower, and although it’s exceptionally dry and was so very hot, there were quite a few wild flowers around.

Once we got climbing, all the photos taken are of the kids backs. Although Bradley did keep hanging back to see whether I was ok and making sure I knew that the gravel was loose and that I needed to watch my step. I was having fun taking in the view and finding flowers.

Then, once we got back down the hill, and had seen the waterfall, we got our picnic stuff out and relaxed under the trees.


It was a beautiful day 🙂