I’ve decided to do another photo project this year. This one is less taxing than last years (I didn’t finish it), and nowhere nearly as taxing as a 365 project. I’m taking part in a project where there’s a monthly theme set, and then you take photos according to that theme for the month. So there are no set photos per month. But, the topics are all about “finding the light”! Now that should challenge me without causing me stress.

This month’s theme is quiet light. So today’s photos were taken with this in mind.

We haven’t had rain in weeks. OK, I lie, we had a few drops last week. Seriously, this hot and dry summer is really getting to me.

Thankfully today was slightly cooler than yesterday (my car measured only 36 today), although I did get burnt to a crisp standing outside in the hot sun.

Today was a very emotional day, with the funeral of a friend’s mom, the rescue of a bird in our pool (the dogs were most upset that I managed to save the loerie from drowning and get it to safety without them having a snack), and then the death of a family pet.

This afternoon, we finally got a good shower of rain. Finally! We were so happy about it, that we didn’t even close the doors, we all stood watching the rain for ages before we accepted that it was actually happening and we could cool down a bit.

Between the showers, I got my camera out.

I love the quiet that happens after rain.