By now my regular blog readers know that I like printing my photos. I don’t like the idea of them living only digitally, and there’s something so special about printing them in some way.

For the last few years, I’ve been printing A3 calendars for us, my parents, and my brother’s family. Until this year, the calendars have only included photos of the kids. I print it in such a way, that if it’s a child’s birthday in a particular month, then the photo for that month, is of that person. And December’s photo is always of the 3 kids at the Christmas tree.

This year was a little tricky though, because I’ve been really bad in the last year, and haven’t taken many photos when we’ve had family gettogethers, so I had almost no photos of Erin!

Therefore the plan had to change.

This year, I included landscape photos from our trips last year… and I think it’s worked out brilliantly!  In fact, I think I want to print a few of the landscapes and frame them for our house.

This is what the calendar looks like for the year…

It arrived from the printers today, and I’m thrilled with it!

I know, I know, yes, it’s almost the end of January, but hey, it’s done 🙂

Now I need to design and print the photobook that I print every year!

Do you print books with your photos? I must tell you that the kids absolutely love paging through them! It’s so worth the time and effort.