The idea was to join the Wild Flower guided walk that was theoretically happening at Kloofendal, but there wasn’t a soul in sight when we got to the reserve. Most annoyingly actually! This isn’t the first time we’ve organised to go on a guided walk there, only for it to be cancelled without warning.

So, we decided to take a walk anyway… not that all of us were wearing shoes for a hike! LOL! I was wearing sandals, and Connor was in slops, which didn’t bode well for the loose stones on the steep hills.

It’s such a gorgeous place… and so quiet compared to the other local reserves. It’s definitely not as well kept, but there were signs that it was being cleaned up. Apparently there’s a volunteer organisation that helps clear the alien vegetation etc in the area.

We did see signs of animal life too, we walked past a few piles of buck droppings.

This plaque is on a wall close to the old gold mine on the reserve. It’s the old Struben mine, where the first gold deposits were found in Joburg.

After the walk, we had a picnic. The kids played soccer and cricket in the amphitheatre stage area… partly because they liked the echos, and partly (well mostly)  because the grass in the amphitheatre was covered in flowering weeds and therefore a carpet of bees!

The 3 twelve year olds…