Connor’s 9th birthday was last week, and on Sunday we organised a small birthday party for him at City Rock Johannesburg.

It’s an indoor rock climbing venue just off Republic Road in Randburg… and was the most awesome place for a birthday party! It’s new, and none of the kids had ever done it before.

Connor normally chooses to do an activity that Bradley’s done for a party, and I’m so glad I convinced him to do something new.

They were all exhausted by the end. I was a little concerned that 2 hours was a little short when I booked the party, but I get it now. The kids needed breaks and were really very tired by the end of the session. Their hands, shoulders and legs were all aching. It’s one amazing workout!

After they were kitted out in climbing shoes and were harnessed up, they did a few stretching exercises

The first thing they did was learn how to traverse across a wall… not up. They all found this quite difficult. Carmen and Claire were amazing at it and got further than the boys did

And then it was time to have fun and climb!!

They all loved coming down :) 

Connor took a while to get to the top of this wall… he had to rest a few times before he made it to the top.


My mom outdid herself again, and made the most incredible cake! It was just what Connor wanted with rock climbing Lego men on a chocolate cake.

The kids loved it! We’ll definitely be back for a few hours as a family outing. It’s a very cool place to go.