I ordered a trial box of produce from Munching Mongoose this week, and I’m so impressed I need to blog about it 🙂

I was first on the delivery list on Thursday morning, so we got our box before the kids went to school, and they LOVED having the fresh milk for their breakfast and popping some of the veggies in their lunch boxes.

Munching Mongoose delivers weekly organic and local farm produce to your door. It works on a subscription basis, and this is what it includes:

  • Farm-fresh, free-range, grass-fed milk – which is UBER yummy and topped with cream. I LOVE the glass bottles it comes in.
  • Locally made organic and gourmet cheese – we got a gouda and a blue styled cheddar
  • Free-range, pasture-fed eggs
  • Fresh & seasonal fruit and vegetables from ethical farms
  • Artisan Bread
  • A surprise product or two – this week it was a bottle of red wine and handmade truffles from local chocolatier Tjoklit (uber yummy for me, but the kids weren’t too keen because they have liquor in them)

And the food we got?

It’s the end of day 1, and the milk is finished. We’ve ploughed our way through the eggs and bread because we decided that scrambled eggs on fancy bread was a great idea for supper. We’ve started eating the veggies too, and I’ll make a plan for the rest. The box included quite a few fresh herbs too, which will take us longer to use. We’ll definitely use the cheese over the weekend, and the wine will be gone shortly too!

I hardly get the time to get to the local markets, so this is a fantastic way for us to eat local produce.

I do think, that for our family, the small box works fine for now. I’m not a very adventurous cook during the week, so if the box was bigger I think it would go to waste in our house.

I think it’s fantastic, it forces me to cook different meals every week… and the quality is amazing. I also really like the idea about supporting local small businesses.

I think I’m going to order it again.

If you’re wondering about the areas they service, it stretches from Mellville through Sandton to Midrand, and then right around the West Rand, Muldersdrift almost to Northern Farms. So if you live in the North and West areas of Joburg, give them a try

Disclaimer: I was not asked to blog about it, and the box wasn’t sponsored in any way, shape or form… it’s just really good and needs to be shared.