I’m in Cape Town, sitting in the lounge of an Airbnb house we’re renting in Muizenberg… to be more precise, I’m sipping tea on a couch overlooking Marina da Gama, watching ducks swimming and the canoeists canoeing on the canal.

It’s the perfect place to reflect the Two Oceans half marathon I ran on Saturday. 

We’ve made a holiday of this race event again. This time we’ve travelled with our friends Nick and Hilary and the kids are having a ball! 

Anyway, so this year I definitely wasn’t as nervous as last year. The number of runners wasn’t as daunting as it was before. This year we also knew more about the parking issues too!! That helped immensely and we left the house at 3:45 to get to the race… And still got stuck in a bit of traffic. 

Thankfully we’d thrown in black rubbish bags into our race bags at the last minute because it started raining as we walked the 2km to the start. 

The atmosphere at the start was amazing like usual. I should’ve videoed the singing while we waited for the cannon to start the race. Serious goosebumps when the anthem started playing… And then chariots of Fire after the first pen had left 🙂 

 Anyway, I won’t blog about the whole race but standouts for me this year: 

  • Running half the race with Meea. It was great to chat to someone along the way, and it really pushed me up Southern Cross drive. 
  • The spectators along the way. Loved the posters and the shouting. It was awesome spotting Lauren twice in the crowds
  • The Kaapse Klopse playing in two spots along the way made me smile
  • There was an amazing guy in Southern Cross Drive who was coaching runners up the hill. Shouting on top of his lungs about stride and shoulders etc. That really helped to just listen to him talking and we all ran up.  

 I really pushed hard in the last few kms because I was determined to beat my last time… And I did by nearly 2 minutes. 

I reckon if I hadn’t got so stuck and cornered in the beginning I would’ve made 2:15… But anyway I’m pretty happy with my result. I probably also shouldn’t have stopped for the photos 😂

This year, we waited for Nick to finish, so we go to experience the post race atmosphere too. Loved the coffee tent and the food on offer too. 

It was fantastic watching the ultra runners finish… Looking out for friends and cheering them on as they came down the finishing straight. We cheered as Caroline Wostmann won the ladies race, and also cheered watching the buses come through. We cheered some more when we watched Bruce Fordyce finish his race. 

The commentator said that 80% of the field finish in the last hour of the race… That’s quite something. Seven hours on the road is a loooong loooong time. 

As for next year, I think I want to train for the ultra. Eeek! I reckon I could finish it. Hehe but I’ll be one of those 80%ers 🙂