We spent an afternoon meandering through the magnificent gardens at Babylonstoren, and to be quite honest, I  could have spent more time there.

Babylonstoren is an amazing wine and fruit farm close to Franchoek. The farm dates back to 1692, and it’s been restored over the last 10 years.

I’m only really going to blog about the gardens that we wandered through, because we didn’t eat at the restaurants, or sample the wines at the wine tasting room, or stay in the (apparently) fabulous hotel. The gardens were enough to blow me away… I got this extract from the website:

All of the more than 300 varieties of plants in the gardens of Babylonstoren are edible, with everything from blood oranges to asparagus, mushrooms and persimmons supplying the farm’s two restaurants: Babel and The Greenhouse.

The kids all loved that we all got our own maps of the farm when we arrived, and they had a ball navigating their way around, targeting the spots that they were keen on seeing.

We started at the scent room, which is filled with yummy smellies to buy. No photos of the farm shop though, it was jam packed with people, so I quickly ducked out of there.


And then it was time to hit the gardens… how awesome are these scarecrows in the leafy veggie garden. The rows of lettuce and onions were gorgeous, and it was fun to balance along the stepping logs.

That leafy structure behind Connor, was where these calabashes were growing!

I absolutely loved the symmetry and structure of all the sections in the garden.

I was dying to see this prickly pear maze. It was a whole load smaller than I thought it was, after all the Instagram photos I’d seen of it… but it was a worthwhile spot to wander around.

The boys targeted this as soon as they spotted it on the map, because it’s called Puff Adder. They were very disappointed that it wasn’t an actual snake, but a snaked tunnel filled with pumpkin displays 🙂

The wine tasting room looked incredible too, but the menu looked a bit much for us, and it wasn’t the place for the rowdy pre-teens who’d had enough of the quiet by then. So sadly, and rather happily, I’m going to have to go back again. I’m dying to try the restaurants and the wine, and I really wouldn’t say no to a night at the hotel…

Next time, I’d like to book the garden tour too, I think that would be really interesting.