We had the most amazing holiday with friends in Muizenberg, as you can tell from my other blog posts… but I’m not going to bore you with umpteen blog posts outlining every thing we did.

Instead, I’m going end my holiday post series with photos from the one of the afternoons we spent closer to the house we rented. The kids actually just wanted to swim in the sea. The wind was icy most days, and the weather not fantastic. It didn’t stop us though, and the kids did swim at every opportunity they had.

Next time we go there, we’re definitely going to book the kids on a few surfing lessons… and get them wetsuits!

If you’re wondering where we stayed for the 2 weeks, we rented a house in Marina da Gama via Airbnb… it’s so worthwhile browsing through the site when going on holiday. The house was amazing for 2 families!