I got home relatively early today to meet an insurance guy, who never pitched up… so I picked up my camera, unhinged the lens, and played with some free-lensing.

At the beginning of summer, I scattered a pack of random seeds, hoping to get a romantic looking mix of flowers throughout my garden. Well, with the lack of water that didn’t quite happen. A gorgeous clump of cosmos did appear though, and I’ve really enjoyed having it in my garden. The very last flowers are left on the stalks now though… it’s almost time for winter.

So I thought the flowers would be ideal to try out free-lensing again. They don’t move, unless there’s wind, so in theory they’re good subjects to test with. Perfect in theory for isolating a flower or two for a gorgeous arty photo.

I’ve tried. I really did. And I have no flower shots to show you… I took plenty, but they were hopeless. They really were.

Then the dogs decided to calm down, and watch me. So they became my next subjects. and I’m happier with these, so you get to see them.

I know freelensing is about focusing on a plane, and the skill is in getting it to focus where you want it to focus. But my word, to just focus on one eye in the one photo and then a tip of an ear, in the next, looks rather odd to me tonight.

I know why free-lensing photographers have most of their photos in black and white too… it’s the only way they look good in most cases!

The 2 arty doggy portraits of my favourite huskies are growing on me slowly. Maybe by tomorrow, I’ll regret writing this, and fall in love with free-lensing again because of all the arty flaws in the shots… but for now, it’s just a frustrating exercise.

I suppose that’s what learning is all about though… pushing through and just to keep on trying.