Sometimes the best times with your kids are unplanned.

I spent a long weekend in the Midlands at my cousin’s wedding, and L and the kids stayed at home. I had promised Connor that I’d take him to Hamleys in Sandton on Wednesday, but thinking about it on the way home today, I decided that today would be better for shopping. I’m running a long race on Wednesday and I know I’m going to be too shattered to want to traipse around a shopping centre looking for Nerf guns and Lego.

So, off we went. Half way to Sandton, Bradley “remembered” that he had a project to prep for on Tuesday, and we magically had to get piping, syringes and ice cream sticks for it! OMW… on a Sunday afternoon at 2:30pm and he’s sprung the most unlikely strange list… where on earth was I going to get that on a SUNDAY AFTERNOON.

But instead of freaking out, I told them we’d have to cut the milkshakes out of our plans so we could find someplace to get the odd list of supplies… on a SUNDAY AFTERNOON?! Seriously?!

Anyway, off to Sandton we went. Connor ended up smiling from ear to ear after he found the Nerf gun of his dreams and spending his pocket money on that very expensive piece of plastic.

Oh but then, we noticed a sign. And I said yes! Lets stand in the awful queue, and wait for ice-creams that I don’t eat. LOL!

Turns out the Magnum pop-up store is back in Sandton. And we missed it last time it was in Joburg. So we joined the queue. Bradley looked at the other people’s made-up ice creams and decided that it would be too rich… so he ordered a normal Magnum. Of course, Connor did the whole “Make my Magnum” thing.

A milk chocolate coated, popping candy, Oreo crumbed and honeycomb drizzled stick of yumminess was the result.

And then we noticed another sign… and I said yes, lets go and investigate!

The Samsung Galaxy Studio is open in the Mandela Square until the end of the month, and they have all sorts of gadgets on display. The kids smiled and giggled at the history of mobile phones. They sniggered and laughed when they saw the first cell phone. Even more giggles when we saw the first camera phone.

It was really cool to play around with the new S7’s, but the highlight was definitely the Gear VR. We didn’t wait in the long queue for the 4D experience, but instead we tried out the devices at the stands. And that was awesome enough.

Then we raced to Lifestyle on the odd chance that we’d get there before they closed, and that Westpack would have the said strange items, and lo and behold we got there with 10 minutes to spare, and they did have said items in stock! Whoop!

I need to do that more often… just go with the flow and say yes.

We got home with smiles on our faces.

Mission accomplished. My guilt at not being around for the weekend was squashed 🙂