The kids have played soccer at school for years. They’ve been keen on it, but not obsessed.

That was, until the boys clubbed their pocket money together and bought themselves FIFA 16 for Xbox. They’re now properly obsessed.

If they were allowed to, they would play FIFA about 20 hours in a day, with an hour playing soccer in the garden and the rest napping to gather their strength for the next day.

Other than playing soccer, almost every discussion in the house now revolves around the game. They know every single player in every team, every coach and they even understand the transfer windows! Lance is so pleased that he doesn’t have moaning kids when he wants to watch soccer on TV now… and in fact they stayed up willingly on Saturday night to watch the UEFA finals, and of course dissected every moment of the game yesterday. 

Bradley has subscribed to soccer YouTube channels and sports news sites and every morning Lance is greeted by “Dad, did you hear…?” and the chatter about injuries and soccer scores and who is hired and fired starts all over again.

Inter school soccer BW 002

I’m not complaining too much though, because this new found passion has made them play outside more.  It’s also vastly improved their skills at the sport, and they’re loving the game at school now too. Connor played in his first night-time schools tournament in Pretoria on Friday, and it was a hit… he LOVED playing under the floodlights!

We have soccer nets at home, which are put to use every evening when we get home, and most of the weekend too. When they come with me to RWFL, they play soccer on the field with their friends, so they’re way more properly active than they used to be.

It’s actually made them fitter!

I certainly did not expect this to happen from them playing an Xbox game!

It’s just a huge pity that most high schools don’t offer soccer. So this is the last year Bradley will be able to play it, unless he joins a club.