… is to get both my kids in the spotlight at some event.

That’s what happened this week at the best Mother’s Day assembly ever!

I knew it would happen, so I packed loads of tissues, and sat there sniffling into my tissues while I tried to focus the long lens on my camera.

Mother’s Day assembly at the kids school is big. Every child from grade 1 to 7 partakes in it, and most of the moms attend. We sit on the freezing concrete stands watching the kids sing songs about moms.

This year the theme was Supermom.

Connor sang in the choir, which was awesome to listen to. I love the songs they get to sing in the choir at the school. No boring hymns for them. The moms songs were again adjusted pop songs to suit the theme. The kids also have actions for every song too, which makes them concentrate a little more.

Mothers Day assembly 006

If you’re wondering, the entire school sing some songs (and dance) for the moms too, so every child gets involved in this.

Mothers Day assembly 003

Then, it really was tears time.

Bradley is a monitor at the school, and every year, every monitor says a speech on the podium about moms… and about their own moms.

Bradley spoke about me. He told everyone about how much I work. LOL! Not something I’d like to be known for, but clearly I do too much of it. He told everyone about how I work in Sandton every day, and then come home to shop, and then cook, and then work until 11pm every night. Then he said that in between this, I somehow always know when him and Connor have arguments and I calmly sort it out (didn’t think calm was a word he’s describe me with, but I’m uber pleased that my efforts to calm down are working).

He ended off telling everyone how much he loved me.

Aww my beautiful big boy.

Mothers Day assembly 011

He got a MASSIVE hug when the whole morning was over 😉

I’m going to miss this next year when he’s in high school.