I went along to the media launch of Discovery’s new HealthFood Studio in Sandton this evening.

What a gorgeous place to learn how to cook!

The HealthyFood studio that has been built in the Discovery offices in Sandton, and anyone can book a cooking class there. They have 3 hour long evening classes and 4 hour long day classes available. According to their website, there are a range of cooking classes available for beginners to more experienced cooks.

The food is all supplied by Woolworths, and the chefs that train you are all Prue Leith academy chefs.

After listening to a few speeches tonight, we got to wander around the new cooking studio, and watch a few demos.. and thankfully taste the food too.

I’m positively thrilled that I’ve tasted some of the recipes that I’ve been browsing through on the HealthyFood page on the Woolworths website! I’m definitely going to be trying them out.

Five favourite tastes this evening were:

  1. Tandoori spiced turkey. The chef was saying that the spice mix could be used on chicken too… and she likes to cook it on a Weber for 2 hours. they also cooked the Tandoori spiced cauliflower, but I didn’t get to taste it.
  2. Chocolate tart with a nut crust… well this was just yummy!
  3. Asian styled steamed fish… the chef cooked it with sea bass. It was so delicious.
  4. A nutty salad similar to this lentil and roast butternut salad… but it seemed to have more nuts in it.
  5. Baby marrow, feta and tomato rolls… this was served on skewers

How cool is this equipment in the kitchen?! Kitchen Aid appliances! In my dreams… if I had one maybe I’d bake more… LOL!

HealthyFood studio Discovery launch 002

HealthyFood studio Discovery launch 003

HealthyFood studio Discovery launch 005This chef was cooking the steamed sea bass…
HealthyFood studio Discovery launch 006

HealthyFood studio Discovery launch 008

Because snapchatting had to be done…HealthyFood studio Discovery launch 009

HealthyFood studio Discovery launch 010

These are the tandoori spiced cauliflower!HealthyFood studio Discovery launch 011

HealthyFood studio Discovery launch 012

HealthyFood studio Discovery launch 013

I finally found the dessert table!

HealthyFood studio Discovery launch 014

And got to go home with the most amazing goody bag! That recipe for the watermelon salad is on paper that you can plant. HealthyFood studio Discovery launch 015

If you’re interested in booking a course, there’s information on the Woolworths website.

I’m keen! I love the look of the Friends with Food course.