His thirteenth birthday has come and gone.

It was a whirlwind of the weekend filled with friends, and long nights… just what he wanted. We organised a sleepover with two of his friends… well “sleepover” is a stretch, because they played Fifa on Xbox for the entire night, lounging around on a massive bed we’d made from blow-up mattresses. The next day, we took him and some friends to the movies and Milky Lane for waffles. He had a ball, and they were shattered afterwards and went to bed super early. Success!

So 13 at the moment…

He’s tall and lanky now. He’s taller than me, and that gap is increasing.

B is 13 009

The iPhone and headphones are constant companions. And if you’re wondering about apps… it’s mostly Whatsapp, Apple Music and YouTube. Oh and the soccer results websites.

He’s soccer crazy!! And he’s disappointed that the high schools on his list don’t play the game. If he’s not playing Fifa Xbox, then he’s playing soccer outside with Connor, or talking non-stop about matches and results and players and coaches etc… it doesn’t stop.

If you’re wondering about social media…

He’s deleted Instagram from his phone again. He hasn’t removed his account though. Said he was bored with it. I’m wondering how long this status will last.

He did ask me the other day about Facebook and Twitter. I straight out told him he had to wait until he was 13. Bwahaha!! He quickly reminded me of his age! Damn!

B is 13 005-2

We still haven’t got confirmation of a high school for next year… I’ll blog about it when it’s over. This is the most drawn out, stressful process ever!

B is 13 006

B is 13 007-2

He apparently hates photos of himself. Thankfully I’m ok with moody shots 😉

I’ve been relatively quiet about him on my blog, and rightly so. It’s his story to tell now. I could write about a whole lot more actually… but it wouldn’t be fair on him. Ho hum, the joys of parenting