When I started running just over 2 years ago, I did as I was told, and went to a specialist running shop to buy proper shoes. If you’ve ever done this, you’d know that they watch you run in your old shoes, and based on that and looking at your feet and the wear on your old shoes, they work out which shoes you need to buy.

This guy made me run up and down the street, and then promptly told me that I run like a duck!

Lovely hey?

I’ve been self-conscious about my running style since then. Not that I can change it, that’s how I run.

However, as I’ve got stronger and my feet, ankles and hips have got stronger I definitely don’t look as bad as I used to. But still… that comment has stayed with me.

It’s not like I can escape looking at my running posture. Photos are generally taken of you at races. When I train at RWFL, Rene often takes photos. When I do long runs with the Boskruin group over weekends, photos are generally taken there too.

And I actually go hunting for them now. I tag myself in them, no matter how bad I think I look, and I do share them.

I think photos of myself running are pretty awful to be honest.

I can see my big bum and my thighs that are bigger than I’d like them to be. I see that I slouch, especially when I run uphill. I see that my feet are still duck-like, although they are straighter than they were. And I always notice that my knees still cave in a bit, which means I need to strengthen my hips.

When I mentioned this on Twitter this weekend, Mike commented saying that everyone runs badly in still photos, and I run just fine 🙂

But, this is what I love about them:

  • I got up at the crack of dawn to run a race, which I finished
  • This weekend, I ran over 17km in the freezing cold… and I loved every km. I love being on the road and meeting and chatting to other runners
  • I can see I’m stronger than I ever was
  • I can actually run, which I didn’t think was possible 3 years ago
  • I’ve lost weight without really trying
  • I can achieve anything I set my mind to
  • My kids are more active now, because Lance and I run… and that’s a huge bonus!
  • I think I’m a better role model now for the boys
  • I’m working towards my goals
  • I’m on my way to running a marathon.

So, bring the photos on!