I was showing Connor snaps from the previous evening earlier today (meaning I’d posted them on Snapchat). One of the videos I posted was with him creating a helmet for his viking outfit for school.  In it, I said that he was making a helmet because he’d lost the helmet that we were initially going to use for the outfit.

I’d been so mad at him! He drives me absolutely batty. He loses everything. I can’t tell you how many ties, school caps, blazers, shoes etc I’ve had to replace. Just this week I had to buy him a new tie and school cap before school one morning. And then he went and “lost” the old dress-up helmet between my mom’s house and our house.

So, we found a website that explained how to make viking helmets from cereal boxes, and that became the new plan. And we had fun making it. We even got Bradley involved in the crafty exercise.


What I didn’t need to do was record that video.  My word I hurt his feelings so very much… and in the process my heart got squeezed.

And in the end, after all that missioning and heartache and shouting and screaming… we actually found the original helmet in his room… tucked away in a tiny drawer for some very bizarre reason.

This morning, when he got ready for school… he decided that he didn’t want to wear either of the helmets after all…

I wonder if it was because of me.

In hindsight, I only realised how badly I spoke to him when I watched the video again. It was good that I video’d it… it made me realise how wrong I was.

I told him this evening that I thought I’d acted really badly, and asked whether he thought I’d been nasty. He nodded. Wow that hurt. And yes, before you ask, I did apologise.

Poor kid. I feel so awful.

I need to try harder at being a mom.

Thankfully snaps only last 24 hours and I didn’t save it.

Now wondering whether I should post this…