I signed up to Snapchat years ago, when it started, so that I could try it out. At the time I wasn’t enamoured by the app, and eventually deleted it from my mobile.

Then a few months ago, I installed it again, and I’ve tried to get into it.

I now snap every day, sometimes more often than my posts to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram… and I religiously check up on my friends snaps.

I find the content to be raw and random… hence the title of the post. Because you have to take the photo or 10 second video from your phone as you snap, the content tends to feel raw. You can’t over edit it in fancy editing software, the closest you can get to an edit are the filters provided by Snapchat… and they’re fun, but not amazing.

I tend to post random stories about my life there… with photos that would never make it to my other social pages. I’m finding that the people I’m following are doing the same. Some take it a bit far, and I really do wonder what they do in their day, with their endless ramblings on Snapchat and then there umpteen tweets that I read from them too! My word, some people talk A LOT!

I find it random because I think people post stuff there knowing that it’s going to disappear in 24 hours… and that’s part of the appeal, although I didn’t get that in the beginning. Everything else online is online forever, and I love that I can always go back and see old stuff, but there’s a certain appeal knowing that your content will disappear.


What I like:

  • The fun filters. I love that there are new filters every day. They are so much fun, and Connor is loving it too! He generally posts a video a day with a new filter.
  • The content only lasts for 24 hours. If I’m not feeling too passionate about something, I put it there knowing that it’ll disappear and only a handful of people get to see it.
  • I can download my favourite content to put onto my other social media channels so that my other friends can actually see it.
  • If my day is particularly good, or is memorable, I can download the whole day into one video. A snapshot of my day’s randomness.
  • 10 second video is actually long enough. I’ve learnt you can say more in 10 seconds than you can convey in 140 characters, so it works.

What I don’t like:

  • My biggest issue is that you can’t find the tweeters or Facebookers you follow easily… you have to know their handle or need to be connected to your email account. That’s a pain and a half. No wonder so many people have changed their Twitter avatars to their Snapcode (the yellow keyhole with their photo if you’re wondering what that is)
  • Snapchat is a battery and data hog! I reckon it’s partly because you end up watching active content for longer periods than you would on other social media sites, but still…
  • There’s no real engagement on the platform. Any comment you make is a private message that only goes to the person whose snap you’re commenting on. As a result, the chatter and engagement about the snap moves to Twitter generally… I suppose Twitter loves that though 😉 I don’t mind seeing the tweets though, because it makes me curious and gets me to go back to Snapchat to find what people are talking about.

If you want to follow my raw and random snaps… my handle is JENTYSA