Bradley went to a friends house to watch a movie marathon (Harry Potter), and Lance met a friend in the afternoon… so Connor and I went out for a date.

He absolutely loves these alone times with me.

Our plan was to find milkshakes in Parkhurst and then to go Pokemon hunting at Delta Park.

Neither part of the plan worked out.

We ended up hunting for milkshakes after Craft had a 1 hour wait!! I was not waiting an hour for a milkshake. Then we couldn’t find another place in Parkhurst that had a table and milkshakes… you’d think that would be an easy task right? Not in Parkhurst… hardly any places even sold milkshakes, let alone had tables available on a Saturday afternoon!

We ended up driving to Linden, and had milkshakes and an enormous waffle at Gravity Cafe. I do like that place. We’ve had the most awesome breakfasts there, and they serve good coffee.

Connor date in the park 001 Connor date in the park 002

As for the second part of our plan… it was thwarted by the “always down” Pokemon Go servers. Sigh… as soon as 3pm happens and the US wakes up, the servers crash…

We ended up having an awesome screen-free walk in the park… and I managed to get some awesome portraits of my gorgeous son.

It was a good day. Simple one on one dates are so important to do.