We drove to Walter Sisulu gardens this morning to go to the Pokemon hunt that I’d spotted being advertised on Facebook.

So did hundreds of other Pokemon GO addicts… and the gardens clearly didn’t get the memo, because they did not staff up the entry gates! LOL! We stood in a long queue to get inside.

Poke hunt 001

We actually had the most fun in the queue. The boys could reach 2 pokestops from the queue, and someone had put lures on them, so the Pokemons were flying around waiting to be caught. The boys caught plenty… before we got in.

Well, once we finally got in, it was another story entirely!! The mobile networks couldn’t handle the unusual traffic, and the signal was horrendous!

Poke hunt 002

No-one was there to admire the view today.

Poke hunt 003

I took a picnic blanket, and book and some yummy snacks, and plonked myself down half way between the pokestops and the gyms, thinking it was a good spot. Not so much, look at the grumpy faces… neither one of them could even get onto the app by then! Oh and the battery life on the phones soon disappeared.

Poke hunt 004 Poke hunt 005

The train of players weren’t struggling too much… all these guys were battling at the gym that was close to us.

Poke hunt 006 Poke hunt 007

It was actually an awesome morning outside, with lots of kids… and adults… running and walking around catching and battling virtual creatures.

Next time though, we’ll go if it’s better organised with the venue… and we’ll definitely take power banks! LOL!

If you’re wondering, there are hunts that I’ve seen advertised for next weekend at Emmarentia and Monte Casino… hope these places are aware of the LTE hogs that are about to descend on them en masse.